Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcoming 2010 with my new .ME!,,,, aren't these just

But, without tens of thousands of dollars, you're a bit too late as over quarter of a million of these new .me domains have been snapped away in less than eighteen months since this this new top-level domain was opened to public registration.

But, there are many other names up to hundreds of thousands more out there for you to find and treasure. (note that there have been tens of millions registrations for the other TLDs like .com, .net, .info, .de, .uk, .cn etc.).

We have a special offer for you to welcome 2010... Read on until the end!

What can you do with ?

.Me is a true phenomenon among TLDs. With its unforgettable meaning and limitless word combination possibilities, .Me gives a truly personal tone to your domain name. If you are looking for a name that speaks for itself .Me is your best choice. Let .Me speak for your online business or personal blog.

.Me potential is enormous and it simply asks for you to be creative and coin the name that suits you best. If you have a great, original idea for a domain name, register .Me before it’s taken.

Why .ME


Because .ME is about YOU! .ME has incredible potential for Internet users world-wide. Think about it. With a .ME domain, the Internet will, quite simply, be all about YOU. For the first time in Internet history, domain names are essentially personal.

.ME is expected to be utilized as both a personalized Web address and as a catchy business marketing tool around the world, initially in English followed by localized and standards compliant International Domain Names in, for example, Spanish, Italian, and Montenegrin.

.ME domains, with their universal appeal, are expected to be in high demand. So some “premium” names – including verb-oriented domains, such as “Contact.ME,” “Drive.ME” or “Fly.ME,” – will be held back for auction after Open Registration. We will have more information available on premium auctions in the months to come.

.ME is:

great for personalized domains, such as:
“”, “”, “”. These could, for example, be used for your own blog or other personal website

fantastic for a call-to-action domain:
e.g. “”, “”, “”, “”, “ChatWith.ME”, etc.

perfect for social networking:
e.g. “TheWorldof.ME”

.ME in the News

Everyone Wants A Piece Of Me


Catchy ccTLD Sells for Big Bucks and Makes Bold Branding Statements

PODGORICA, Montenegro – Oct. 21, 2009 – The .ME Registry is celebrating significant success in its most recent online auction. NameJet® auctioned off 15 premium .ME domains between Sept. 25 and Oct. 2. The results certainly suggest .ME is a popular and valuable commodity in the world of domain extensions. Among the biggest sellers, Friend.Me sold for $21,000 and Host.Me sold for $15,200.

The popularity and increasing value of the .ME extension is not surprising when you take a closer look at how people and businesses around the world are using this ccTLD to send a message on the Web.

WhyHire.Me is a Web site, launched in North America, to help students and graduates get noticed by potential employers. A college professor and two software professionals developed the site. Now, several universities are using the portal and curriculum to teach students about new media and online personal branding.

“As an educator and brand marketer, I seek out the clearest possible message,” says Patti Church, one of the co-founders of WhyHire.Me. "No one can dispute the value and clarity of what our brand name communicates or what dot-ME offers our students and subscribers who use it to build their own online brand."

If previous years have been about .YU and the others - .COM, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .TV, .MOBI, .US etc., 2010 is about .ME, .ME, and ME!
The dot-ME top level domain replaced the dot-YU (Yugoslavia) domain previously used by Serbia and Montenegro. In addition to declaring .me independent of .yu, a new .rs domain is to be deployed for Serbian use. (Wikipedia, 2009)

1oasis is kickstarting 2010 with our 3-month promotion on .ME:
instant price drop of at least one-third (over 35%), or up to 50% compared to elsewhere, to just RM65 or US$18.99 for your full entry year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Domain name theft made it on MaximumPC's Most Important Tech Event List at #99

New Jersey Resident First to Be Arrested for Domain Name Theft

On August 3, Daniel Goncalves, a 25-year-old computer technician, allegedly hacked an email account, stole login information, and falsified PayPal transaction records in an elaborate scheme to claim ownership of, a domain valued at $160,000.

This arrest marks the first for domain theft, which has been difficult to prosecute because of the technical and legal complexities of the domain registrar system. Unfortunately for Goncalves, the owner of was a former prosecutor for the Justice Department with a background in Internet payment processing.

See the entire list at - The Most Important Tech Products, Events, and People of 2009 (28dec09)

BTW, Domain Name Theft Protection is FREE at!

Happy New Year 2010! Get up to 10% back on EVERY ORDER!!

Welcome back!

Hope you had great holidays...

And we have a special deal for you to welcome 2010:
Pay for any order - new, transfer and renewal by or before Thursday, 31 DEC 2009, and get up to 10% back credited to your account for future purchases/transactions.
==> Save RM10s and more, instantly, this year!

This offer applies to products NOT already on SALE (marked "JUALAN" or "SALE" on our website). Limited to RM20 per product. eg. get up to 10% back for each of separate products of domain name, web hosting, email hosting and SSL certificate (up to RM80 back in total).


Happy New Year everyone....

PHOTO CREDIT: The Star - Fireworks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Friday, December 25, 2009

Season's Greetings!

Have a merry & safe holidays!

Happy New Year soon everyone....

From all of us at


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's our 3rd birthday today! {}

Happy 3 to us!

And here's our craziest offer so far: 22% OFF everything at regular prices on !!

...Only if you order and/or pay for your orders (including RENEWALS) today, 22 DEC 2009.

Terms and conditions:-
  • Manual discounts/rebates are to be offered on every order
  • Applies only to items not already marked "JUALAN" or "SALE"
  • We reserve the rights to reject any orders not deemed appropriate
  • Offer expires on 11:59pm, Tuesday, 22 DEC 2009.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

12th month, RM12 promo is .IN !! (RM1/month @1oasis)

'tis the season, and it's IN:

Our latest promo for .IN is NOW LIVE: Just RM12 for 12 monts of validity for .IN top-level domain names. That's just RM1 a month - only at!

As with China, India is one of the fastest growing market in the world today both online and offline. So, .IN presents your best opportunity to secure your audience from this billion-plus population country. Besides, .IN just sounds cool, and it's open to anyone, everyone, globally... Are you in??

More promotions details at:

ie. Other markets to watch: .EU for Europe, .MOBI for mobile and .TV for that mainstream media/infomercial channel. And .INFO is one of our constant favorites for anything and everything - Information really do sell well on the Internet today!

And if you're always busy/on the go like some of us, try .BZ! ;)

Enjoy great holiday season everyone!
(and good food too, at those kenduris, weddings & company dinners)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November is Domain Transfer-Ins Month and MORE!

We're adding another BIG PROMOTION this month:

But we'll let our prices do the talking: see right or refer our Domain Transfer page for rock-bottom prices on major top-level domains - 1-year validity extension is included in the transfer fees.

SAVE up to 50% with us TODAY.

Offer valid for maximum number of years allowed for each domain and ends for completed payment by or before 30 NOV 2009.

Besides our SALE prices on .INFO, .EU, .TV, .BZ and *.IN continues...
(as low as RM20 per domain, per year each). Our prices for .ASIA and .CN is also among the lowest in the WORLD!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paypal us in RM, 10 More Days of LOWEST-PRICED .com & Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009!

Paypal adds Ringgit Malaysia

As blogged at's "Another new Era of e-Commerce in Malaysia, powered by Paypal (in RMs!)", you can now use Paypal to submit payment for purchases at in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) -- this offers supposedly some savings as both sides of senders and receivers can skip foreign exchange transaction fees:

Just complete any order as usual at and upon receiving an invoice via email (as well as printable from our control panel at, just log in to your Paypal account and "send money" for the billed amount to "". You order will be processed once we received instantaneous notification email from Paypal.

.COM & Storewide PROMOTION

By the way, our lowest-priced offer for .COM domains will end in just ten days, by 31 OCT 2009. Be sure to register and complete payment by or before then to save as much as 40%, instantly.

All other products are also applicable for 10% rebate (up to RM100) all during this tenth month of the year, until 31/10/2009 too.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009

For entrepreneurs or entrepeneurship-aspirants out there, join us for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009, from 16 until 22 NOVEMBER during this 2nd year of campaign. was a sponsor for events in Penang last year, and will once again sponsor more activities - register at for more details and meet us in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009/Utara Facebook Group too.

Tons of events will be held including in rural areas like Balik Pulau, starting tomorrow, 22 OCT 2009, in conjunction with PID Entrepreneurship Month 2009, organized by Pusat Internet Desa Balik Pulau and Balik Pulau Social Entrepreneurs Club (KUS-BP).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

30 days of .COM tsunamis....

It's the 10th month of the year already, and the storms are showing their faces...

You've requested it, we're here to grant your request:

MOST POPULAR, GLOBAL TOP-LEVEL DOMAIN, .COM is just RM30, only during the next 30 days starting today until 30 OCT 2009! (SAVE up to 40% or more)


Other new promos & changes:-

  1. .INFO has been reflected with minor price increase, but still just RM28.
  2. .EU (Europe) domains are now just RM20, throughout the rest of the year, until 30 DEC 2009.
  3. .IN & *.IN sales continue, also until 30 OCT 2009.
  4. .BZ price cut for at least 25%.

To SPICE UP our exciting .COM sale, we're offering 20% same-day rebate for WEB and/or EMAIL HOSTING, i.e. pay just RM192/year (SAVE RM48) and RM48 (SAVE RM12) respectively, ALSO throughout all of OCTOBER!

BTW, our Thawte SSL Certificates are still among the cheapest in the nation, and most competitive globally too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eid 1430H!

We've emailed and tweeted this before, but here again:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha
Maaf Zahir & Batin

to all Muslims and those celebrating this joyous holidays!

Travel safe folks!
(Beraya biar di rumah sedara mara, bukan di rumah sakit.... ;D)


Nasir & Team @ 1oasis

Thursday, August 13, 2009

China is coming...

We are glad to announce the launch of .CN - the most popular and fastest growing ccTLD in the world.

The .CN Domain extension has seen an exemplary growth since its launch throughout the world. Earlier this year, .CN crossed over 13 million registrations to become the second most registered Domain extension after .COM. (ahead of .NET!).

You can begin registering your desired .CN Domains from 18th August 2009 onwards. Furthermore, these domain extensions will be available at a special introductory price of RM50 on Registrations, Renewals as well as Transfer-Ins - compared to RM100-120 (more than TWICE) elsewhere!

*Prices checked as of 13 AUG 2009.

If you're wondering if .CN domains are being actively traded at all, here are a few recent aftermarket sales in a recent week (July 27 - Aug 2, 2009) - data from Sedo (see more news below):-
  1. $4,830
  2. $1,440
  3. $1,440
In the case of "", likely in reference to a popular antivirus software, it seems to be not bad at all for a less than 2-year domain domain to fetch nearly 100 times its original registration cost.

So, start planning now for that domain to take advantage of lucrative, fast-growing China market - world's most populous nation, with biggest number of Internet users to-date! While one may not be interested in doing business in China now, it could be wise to protect one's brand today, and SAVE, should the decision to expand/enter into China arise several years from now.

DOUBLE BONUS: Get 20% rebate (maximum RM52) for .CN domains and all other products throughout store (for items not marked on sale), during Merdeka Mega Sale Month until 31 AUG 2009.

Also, in addition to recently made available Free DNS, Domain FORWARDING is also now FREE, so you can start using all domains immediately.

BTW, domains for other highly populous nations, .IN and .UK, as well as .MOBI and .INFO are still on sale - from just RM20!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

.my Domain Promotions

In conjunction with National ICT Month (NIM) co-organised by PIKOM and MOSTI and also in conjunction with The Merdeka Day celebration, .my domain registrations and renewal are applicable for 50% instant discount*. Promotion starts from 20 July – 4 September 2009.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

1. Valid for all domain name categories

2. Valid for new domain name registration during promotion period

3. Valid for renewal of current domain names

- Domain names expiring on 20th July 2009 to 31st December 2009

- Only 1 year renewal is allowed during promotion period

- No advance payment allowed

4. All registrations and renewals must be done during this promotion period to qualify

5. Payment made is non refundable, non transferable

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scheduled Maintenance for Linux Hosting Server

Update as on July 10th, 2009, 22:00 hrs: The database connectivity issue is also rectified and all websites are now fully functional. We again apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience shown during this maintenance.

Update as on July 10th, 2009, 21:00 hrs: Although the maintenance for 10th July is over, we have seen some irregularities with the database connectivity. We are aware of this and are working on a permanent fix. We expect this anomaly to be over within a couple of hours. Please note that only websites with databases might have their connections timed out. We apologies for the inconvenience caused and assure you that we will get it soon.

We have scheduled a few downtimes to apply hardware upgrades on our Linux (US) Hosting server for performance enhancement. Here are the necessary details :

Server 1 :

Maintenance Window:

Date: July 10th, 2009

Start Time: 12:00 hrs GMT

Estimated Duration : 4 hrs

Affected IP addresses:

Server 2 :

Maintenance Window:

Date: July 11th, 2009
Start Time: 01:00 hrs GMT

Estimated Duration : 30 mins

Affected IP addresses:

Server 3 :

Maintenance Window:

Date: July 12th, 2009

Start Time: 06:30 hrs GMT

Estimated Duration : 30 minsAffected IP addresses:

Server 4 :

Maintenance Window:

Date: July 13th, 2009

Start Time: 06:30 hrs GMT

Estimated Duration : 30 mins

Affected IP addresses:

Affected Systems : Sites hosted on these IP Addresses will cease to resolve.

Inconvenience caused due to this downtime is deeply regretted. Feel free to get in touch with our Support Team, in case of any queries or doubts.

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