Friday, March 27, 2009

.TEL, LIVE, Promo & EVERYTHING on #MarchMadness SALE until 31 MAR 2009!

1. .TEL is finally LIVE!

We're pleased to announce initial PUBLIC availability of .TEL domains, priced at promotional price of just RM50 for the first year of registration. Get the names you've always wanted BEFORE someone else take 'em!



2. We're repeating our weekly FRIDAY FEST (previously "5friday") offer

EVERYTHING over RM10, are RM5 off each, and this time, INSTANTLY as we've cut prices of all products at Get names for as low as RM20/year OR LESS, new or transfer-in. Offer, this time to end until 31 MAR 2009, not just 1-day today.


SSL 123 digital certificate from RM199 down to just unbeliavable price of RM99 (SAVE RM100+/50% instantly, off the already low prices, up to 80% less compared to at our competitors!). Offer will expire on TUESDAY, 31 MAR 2009. Price reflects new or transfer-in purchase only, not for renewal (sorry, for any misannouncements earlier, if any)

4. Have you heard of Twitter?

Everyone including politicians, celebrities, media companies, airline companies, artists, writers, professionals, academicians etc. are jumping in to the tune of well over 10 million users, with over 50% just joined in during the last two months of Jan & Feb 2009. Be sure to reserve twitter names matching your domain names to protect your brand, and vice versa: Register domain names to protect your social media brands! You're welcome to connect with us on Twitter: Follow @1oasis :)

MORE.... Log in to your account today at to enjoy the SUPER SAVINGS today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In support of Ideashare & MSC Malaysia Innotech 2009 Interstate - Northern Region set to kick off today in Penang, we're kicking start our own celebration:-

Get them during these two days on 25th - 26th of March 2009!

Friday, March 20, 2009

#5 FRIDAY AGAIN! 1oasis for BLOG BASH 2009 @ 'PENANG CITY'

It's FRIDAY again, and we've decided to repeat our Friday the 13th (last week)'s ONE-DAY ONLY SALE for TODAY, Friday, 20 MAR 2009: RM5 off EVERY ORDER - new, renewal or transfer of product priced at over RM10 each - as part of our MARCH MADNESS SALE!


For instance, if you'll be ordering/renewing domain name, web hosting, sitebuilder and SSL certificate in one transaction, get NEXT DAY REBATE of RM5x4 = RM20 total.

We're also proud to announce that 1OASIS.NET is one of the sponsors* for BLOG BASH 2009 @ 'Penang City' this SUNDAY, 22 MAR 2009 - the first and BIGGEST event on 'Web 3.0' this year in collaboration with Majlis Pembangunan Usahawan Daerah Barat Daya Pulau Pinang and the Technopreneur Development Division of Multimedia Development Corporation - MDEC!

TO ATTEND BLOG BASH 2009 @ PENANG CITY, REGISTER TODAY AT HTTP://KUSBP.PP.MY (, at latest by Fri, 20 MAR '09 (today!)
The afternoon workshop is limited to 50 PARTICIPANTS ONLY.

Just RM10 for RM100+ worth of food, learning sessions, networking opportunity, and marketing/advertising tips, ie. FREE RM370 worth of ad credit on Facebook (favorite hangout for 1-MILLION internet USERS IN MALAYSIA as of 1 MAR 2009)

This event is a prelude to NetBash/MSC Malaysia Innotech Interstate's FIRST STOP.

* is also sponsoring all commercial domain names and web hosting for the not-for-profit Kelab Usahawan Sosial Balik Pulau (Social Entrepreneurs Club of Balik Pulau - established Aug 2008), the organizer of BLOG BASH 2009.

Thank you, and see you in Balik Pulau/Penang City this Sunday, and Wed-Thu during Blog Bash 2009 & Netbash/MSC Malaysia Innotech respectively!

(Chief Host of 1oasis, Nasir Sobri will be speaking and facilitating sessions during both events on NEW MEDIA topics).

As usual, catch @1oasis on Twitter!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th March Madness 2009 SALE (1-day only)

It's Friday the 13th today of March ("Madness" month), 2009! (for two consecutive months, from February 2009).

For some, it's "paraskavedekatriaphobia", i.e. "Fear of the Friday the 13th", but although for most, it's nothing but a made-up celebrations, we're throwing a "5friday" ONE-DAY ONLY SALE:

Get RM5 Back (NEXT-DAY REBATE) on ALL orders* TODAY, Friday the 13th of March 2009 , including NEW, RENEWALS (up to ten years for each domain) or DOMAIN TRANSFERS, no limits!

For instance, get .com, .net, .org, .info domains for just RM35/year (no years limits, and no count limits) instead of RM40/year (SAVE UP TO RM50 or more per domain!)

You may also bundle different products into one order, and your discounts will be applied to every product. For instance, if you order a new domain name, a webhosting package and a websitebuilder, you will get a total of RM5x3 = RM15 discount, not just RM5!

Hurry, RM5 rebates offer ends by 11:59 pm, Fri, 13 MAR 2009.

* NOT including items already marked as already on "SALE", and items must be originally priced RM13 or more. reserves the rights to change terms and conditions without notice.

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