Thursday, December 3, 2009

12th month, RM12 promo is .IN !! (RM1/month @1oasis)

'tis the season, and it's IN:

Our latest promo for .IN is NOW LIVE: Just RM12 for 12 monts of validity for .IN top-level domain names. That's just RM1 a month - only at!

As with China, India is one of the fastest growing market in the world today both online and offline. So, .IN presents your best opportunity to secure your audience from this billion-plus population country. Besides, .IN just sounds cool, and it's open to anyone, everyone, globally... Are you in??

More promotions details at:

ie. Other markets to watch: .EU for Europe, .MOBI for mobile and .TV for that mainstream media/infomercial channel. And .INFO is one of our constant favorites for anything and everything - Information really do sell well on the Internet today!

And if you're always busy/on the go like some of us, try .BZ! ;)

Enjoy great holiday season everyone!
(and good food too, at those kenduris, weddings & company dinners)

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