Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1oasis Hearts BlogFest.ASIA 2010

Dear Friends,

In light to BlogFest.ASIA (1-3 OCT 2010) held recently in Penang, Malaysia which 1oasis Chief, Nas Sobri had a chance to also join during the entire weekend festival, we've dropped .ASIA prices from RM60 down to just RM20 ~ US$6.49 - that's 66.67% immediate PRICE CUT! Offer valid starting from Oct 1st for the remaining of 2010 (until 31 DEC 2010)!!


Compared with elsewhere, including SALE prices at certain registrars, the new UNBELIEVABLE SALE PRICE at 1oasis.net is at least 33% LOWER, and compared to retail prices elsewhere, it's as much as 1,000% LOWER !!

Read about the promotions and for other ASIA-specific domains for most populous Asian countries: .IN & .CN.COM:

GET YOUR OWN CUSTOM DOMAIN for BlogSpot, GMail, Tumblr, Yola etc. sites today:

FREE DNS & FREE URL & Email Forwarding with EVERY DOMAIN registered or hosted at 1oasis.net.

Warm Regards,

Nas Sobri with a fellow Penangite, Willy Mah, who's alse one of the organizing committee members, at Tanjung City Marina, George Town, Penang island.

More photos from BLOGFEST.ASIA 2010:

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