Sunday, December 7, 2008

My name is Nasir and I'm the owner of the domain and this blog is long overdue after nearly two operational years of the domain, considerable visibility both online and offline (in search engines, web advertising, print advertising, sponsorships, roadshows etc.), and hundreds of customers later.

Why "1oasis"?

As you can see, is our (trade) brand for running a domain registration and related web hosting services to support domain names. Although is no more than two years old (with its second anniversary date just weeks away from today - on 21st of December to be exact), our website has been up much earlier, as early as in February 2005 when I first registered, a previously deleted domain that first existed as early as in the year 2000, and respectively, as early as 2002). -- These just show how good names can be obtained from a pool of deleted names! defines "oasis" (as mentioned in over 60-million webpages - Google Search, 7 DEC 2008) as the following:

An isolated fertile area, usually limited in extent and surrounded by desert. The term was initially applied to small areas in Africa and Asia typically supporting trees and cultivated crops with a water supply from springs and from seepage of water originating at some distance. However, the term has been expanded to include areas receiving moisture from intermittent streams or artificial irrigation systems. Thus the floodplains of the Nile and Colorado rivers can be considered vast oases, as can arid areas irrigated by humans...

Collins Essential Thesaurus offers the following words as similar words to "oasis": haven, retreat, refuge, sanctuary, island, resting place, sanctum -- all of which are pleasant description which I thought would be some of the best descriptive keywords for the business services I was wanting to offer.

The term OASIS is also used to denote names (places - including three USA cities in the states of Iowa, Nevada and Wisconsin; products/software etc,) and abbreviations for dozens of entities (organisations and infrastuctures) and phrases including for "Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards", the popular global consortium with over 5000 active participants from over 100 member companies that was established as early as in 1993 (under the named SGML Open, and later renamed to OASIS in 1998) " that drives the development, convergence and adoption of e-business and web service standards." (Wikipedia, 2008)

And "1" or "one" is of course (two of which are mentioned in billions of web pages each, according to Google Search), the ever popular word or symbol being normally the first one to be known by anybody learning of any language or learning mathematics (or how to count), to denote "a single entity, unit, object, or living being." (The Free Dictionary, 2008) and I further like the following similar words and phrases offered "matchless, nonpareil, one and only, peerless, unmatchable, unrivaled, unrivalled, unmatched, incomparable, uncomparable."

Combining the two words "1" and "oasis", as they say... PRICELESS!

But my personal history of this choice of name is much earlier than 2005. When I started my first business venture offering web development and hosting services back in 1998, one of the first sites I developed for has a "1" in its domain name, likely referring the common naming of places like "1 Main Street" etc. And many businesses are noted to have also made the same practice of including the number "1" in its company or product name (brand) -- In fact, you'd see today buildings and shops/restaurants being called "1 Utama", "Oasis One", "1 Borneo" etc as in the case of Malaysia. And the US east-coast hosting company (with German connection/ownership) where my business partner and me put our first hosting server (computer) back in 1999 also has a number in its name -- That company has long been absorbed into another larger entity, but one of the top-10 largest hosting company today noticeably also has the number "1" in its name :)

That being revealed, the brand "1oasis" was incepted by me to cater my growing Malaysian-based customers, who are generally rejecting my other brand for web hosting service (since as early as 1998 globally, and first registered in Malaysia in 2002, but now focussed for USA and other countries outside of Malaysia).

But there is another reason for the sudden choice of the name, which I won't disclose here -- if you're interested to know, you'd have to personally ask me in person, offline... ;)


  1. Rock-bottom prices for over 10 years in business now!
  2. Simple pricing and prices in Ringgit Malaysia (or your local currencies - coming...)
  3. Fast and easy ordering with multiple payment options
  4. Integrated control panel for billing and services
  5. High uptime and reliability of services
  6. Local and reliable support in Malaysia
  7. Extensive expertise (again, 10 years in business)
  8. Ala Carte - buy and pay only for services you need. ie. Don't pay for email boxes if you're happy with services from Google, Yahoo or Microsoft etc. but use email forwarding or complete emails rerouting instead.
  9. Our service provider is one of the largest domain registrars and hosting companies in the world.
  10. 30-day 100% money-back guarantee for all of our services (except for domain name which has a four-day guarantee with a nominal charge of US$1)
Need more? Contact Us today, and feel the difference of 1oasis...

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