Monday, January 5, 2009

.BIZ Malaysia?

We're happy to announce that our .BIZ domain sale (first announced last month on 10th of Dec 2008) has been extended until the end of March 2009.

.BIZ which was first introduced in 2001 is the 10th most popular top-level-domain (TLD) extension in the world today -- two millions of names bearing .biz TLD extension have been snapped so far (Wikipedia, Jan 2009), and 1000+ are being registered every 24 hours.

Think you can still scour good ones?

Compare with .com at 78-million active registrations, but *.my at only just slightly over 80-thousand active registrations - with growth at about 1.8-million and 1,000 respectively per month. (MYNIC, Jan 2009)

"Yes, we can!" ;)

Because over 1,000 .BIZ domains or nearly 50,000 .COM domains
have expired (pending deletion) every day too! For instance,, made of two words "biz" and "malaysia" with over about 300-million Google Search result each or over 4-million when combined, is a recently deleted domain (being first registered in 2003 or earlier), but re-registered early this month.

Get one today at just RM25 for the first full year of registration - up to 50% discount or more compared to our retail or present market price elsewhere.

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