Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 3rd/4th Anniversary to Us!

It's been a joyous season in Malaysia starting with Eid al-Adha, Christmas, and Awal Muharram (Islamic Hijrah New Year) in December, and later New Year & Chinese New Year last January, and finally Chap Goh Meh and Thaipusam just early this month - celebrations for all four major religions in Malaysia!

For us, the celebrations continue on... (religiously)

In celebration of the 3rd anniversary of our Control Panel (i.e., the current one you can use after registering for free at, TODAY (since 16 February 2006) and 4th anniversary of our 1OASIS brand domain (next Monday, since 23 February 2005), we've made LIVE price cuts of the following major/popular top-level-domain extensions: .COM, .NET, .ORG and .INFO. - 20% OFF, all RM40 or less per year.

And our SALE PRICES for .BIZ, .MOBI and .US will continue until no earlier than 26 February 2009. All domain registration for .MOBI also comes with our free mobi-specific Site Builder!

The following table extracted from Domain Tools up-to-date statistics shows how .COM continues to lead in the market, followed by .NET, .INFO, .ORG and .BIZ respectively in terms of NEW DOMAIN REGISTRATIONS. Also .COM continues to be everyone's favorite with well over two-third of active names and newly registered ones.

As you can see, domains bearing the six extensions above continued to be grabbed for business and personal use at a WHOPPING rate of nearly a hundred names per minute. So, if you have come up with that new brand name for your blog, company or marketing campaign etc., be sure to reserve your name quickly, or you might miss it! With good names and products, who knows if you'll be able to sell your brand later as in the recent case for blog for ~US$15-million (over RM50-million) and bare domain for US$400,000 (nearly RM1.5-million).

As announced in our Control Panel earlier, we're also now microblogging on Twitter since last Friday the 13th of Feb '09. All our customers (and potential ones - YOU!) are welcome to 'follow' us there:

By the way, if you'll be making a significant presence on Twitter, be sure to register a matching domain that Twitter Name/Brand too! Or maybe for that new/existing blog on Blogspot,, Friendster etc. too...

If you're a bulk buyer/reseller for web services, consider becoming our partner to enjoy even lower prices, with ZERO registration/setup fees.

For any questions, contact us by commenting on this blog or via email/twitter - expect an answer in 24 hours or less during business days (usually much faster!).

For our existing customers, thank you much for staying with us all these years! For new ones, don't hesitate to try us.... Sign up today to receive upcoming updates, including on our March Madness SALE!

(30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked for most products except domain name and SSL certificate, with 4-day and 21-day money-back/trial period respectively).

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