Friday, March 27, 2009

.TEL, LIVE, Promo & EVERYTHING on #MarchMadness SALE until 31 MAR 2009!

1. .TEL is finally LIVE!

We're pleased to announce initial PUBLIC availability of .TEL domains, priced at promotional price of just RM50 for the first year of registration. Get the names you've always wanted BEFORE someone else take 'em!



2. We're repeating our weekly FRIDAY FEST (previously "5friday") offer

EVERYTHING over RM10, are RM5 off each, and this time, INSTANTLY as we've cut prices of all products at Get names for as low as RM20/year OR LESS, new or transfer-in. Offer, this time to end until 31 MAR 2009, not just 1-day today.


SSL 123 digital certificate from RM199 down to just unbeliavable price of RM99 (SAVE RM100+/50% instantly, off the already low prices, up to 80% less compared to at our competitors!). Offer will expire on TUESDAY, 31 MAR 2009. Price reflects new or transfer-in purchase only, not for renewal (sorry, for any misannouncements earlier, if any)

4. Have you heard of Twitter?

Everyone including politicians, celebrities, media companies, airline companies, artists, writers, professionals, academicians etc. are jumping in to the tune of well over 10 million users, with over 50% just joined in during the last two months of Jan & Feb 2009. Be sure to reserve twitter names matching your domain names to protect your brand, and vice versa: Register domain names to protect your social media brands! You're welcome to connect with us on Twitter: Follow @1oasis :)

MORE.... Log in to your account today at to enjoy the SUPER SAVINGS today.

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