Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th March Madness 2009 SALE (1-day only)

It's Friday the 13th today of March ("Madness" month), 2009! (for two consecutive months, from February 2009).

For some, it's "paraskavedekatriaphobia", i.e. "Fear of the Friday the 13th", but although for most, it's nothing but a made-up celebrations, we're throwing a "5friday" ONE-DAY ONLY SALE:

Get RM5 Back (NEXT-DAY REBATE) on ALL orders* TODAY, Friday the 13th of March 2009 , including NEW, RENEWALS (up to ten years for each domain) or DOMAIN TRANSFERS, no limits!

For instance, get .com, .net, .org, .info domains for just RM35/year (no years limits, and no count limits) instead of RM40/year (SAVE UP TO RM50 or more per domain!)

You may also bundle different products into one order, and your discounts will be applied to every product. For instance, if you order a new domain name, a webhosting package and a websitebuilder, you will get a total of RM5x3 = RM15 discount, not just RM5!

Hurry, RM5 rebates offer ends by 11:59 pm, Fri, 13 MAR 2009.

* NOT including items already marked as already on "SALE", and items must be originally priced RM13 or more. reserves the rights to change terms and conditions without notice.

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